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If you know an SGX workshop alum, you already know about our burpee assessment. See how you do!

The Fit Test assesses how many burpees a workshop participant can do in five minutes. We use the same definition of a "burpee" as the Spartan Race Standard Obstacle Specific Instructions:

The Burpee consists of 3 components. At the 'bottom' of the Burpee the chest touches the ground and the body and legs are straight and parallel to the ground. At the 'top' of the Burpee, the hips reach a fully extended position with the body and legs straight and perpendicular to the ground. To 'finish' the Burpee, the feet must leave the ground with the hands reaching above the ears.

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  1. Begin in the "bottom" position of the push-up with chest touching the ground.
  2. Perform the maximum number of repetitions possible in five minutes.
  3. Count reps on the vertical jump when hands are over ears.
Spartan Fit Burpee Chart*Burpees Completed Comparison Chart