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Find A CoachSGX is a community of fitness and health professionals who have earned the Spartan SGX certification and aspire to be true life-changers. United by the Spartan way of life, SGX coaches are found in Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the United States; as well as Belgium, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden and Switzerland.

Of the thousand participants in the SGX workshop, several hundred can call themselves certified SGX coaches. They attended a rigorous workshop and passed a challenging written examination demonstrating their knowledge of the SGX philosophy, principles and program. They know that fitness, health and wellness are inextricably linked, so they take a holistic coaching approach, to address clients’ physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.

You can find a nearby, or virtual, SGX coach using the Coach and Class Finder. Meet and talk with local coaches at a Spartan Workout Tour event, Spartan Obstacle Specialist class, or Spartan Race.

To become an SGX coach, get certified.