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Spartan Obstacle Specialist

Spartan Obstacle Specialist is an obstacle-specific training class crafted by Spartan’s Director of Fitness and Director of Education. The first class of its kind, Spartan OS is all about the obstacles. In the one-day hands-on class, you will learn the techniques needed to dominate the toughest Spartan Race obstacles. You will also uncover and learn how to overcome the often subtle weaknesses that cause big-time limitations on the race course. Fitness professional? Take this class and learn how to bring obstacle-specific training to your box, gym or studio.

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Spartan Edge for Trainers

Spartan Edge for Trainers equips fitness professionals with tools to become true life-changers for clients. Meet online with your instructor for two two-hour-long classes that will show you how to infuse any physical conditioning program with Spartan values including commitment, grit, honor, purpose, and resilience. Diagrams, charts, and easy-to-understand graphics are paired with conversation points to help trainers communicate these ideas to clients. The Spartan Edge for Trainers class consists of brief lectures, discussion, and a hands-on exercise between the two classes. Use what you learn to hone your clients' minds and bodies in the tradition of the great Greek philosopher-warriors.

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Spartan Edge


"Spartan is obstacle racing and much more. Spartan Edge teaches life skills. This class left me inspired and motivated. I found myself wanting to learn more, and to continue on with the discussions into the night." – Spartan Edge for Trainers Participant

Working on your Spartan Delta Training Trifecta? Completing any of our training offerings will earn you the Spartan SGX medal. (Medal ships free in USA.)

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