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Become A Spartan Obstacle Specialist
Commit To A Strong Mind

If your calling is to help people achieve their fitness and health goals and positively transform their lives by changing what they believe is possible, just like our Spartan Race does, then we have a lot in common.

Spartan SGX is Spartan’s official training program.

We offer a live two-day workshop or online workshop to certify individuals to teach Spartan group training classes. You can also pair an online workshop with a one-day Spartan Obstacle Specialist course at a special package rate.

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A proprietary system emphasizing foundational bodyweight movements and periodized training, Spartan training can benefit everyone, even if they are not training for a Spartan Race. Spartan SGX builds balanced, multi-faceted athletes who excel in all-over athleticism, strength and endurance.

Distinguish your business with the world’s first training program specific to obstacle race fitness, powered by the Spartan brand.

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At a Spartan SGX workshop, our master coaches share with participants a holistic view of health and fitness infused with Spartan values. Not only do the workshops offer an incredible educational experience, but they provide participants a variety of additional benefits. Listed below are examples. Please just note that these discounts and items are subject to change from time to time.

Each workshop participant receives:

  • Spartan t-shirts (USA only)
  • Discounts on select Spartan merchandise
  • 50% lifetime discount for re-enrolling in the SGX workshop
  • Discounts on Animal Flow, Perform Better and SealFit's The Unbeatable Mind

Each certified Spartan coach receives:

  • Discounts on Spartan Races
  • Rights to develop and run Spartan SGX training classes*
  • Rights to use SGX logos to promote these classes*
  • Listing in the Coach and Class Finder on
  • Additional opportunities to promote their fitness business
  • Complimentary Spartan Race entries and discounts
  • Ongoing professional education
  • A career path, as a Level 2 coach and class Instructor

Read our FAQs for more benefits.

* These rights are detailed in a license agreement between each SGX coach and Spartan Race, Inc.

Anyone interested in improving their fitness, health and wellness is welcome to enroll in an SGX workshop! To become a Spartan SGX coach, and teach Spartan SGX classes, you will need to get certified.

Track #1

For individuals who posses a prior fitness or health and wellness certification; or a undergraduate or graduate degree in Exercise and Sport Science, Kinesiology, Medical or Allied Health fields, you need a:

  1. Passing score on the Spartan SGX workshop exam
  2. Current CPR/AED certification

Click here for a list of acceptable fitness, health and wellness certifications in our FAQ.

Track #2

Individuals looking to become SGX Certified without a Certification or Degree in a related field need to:

  1. Passing score on the Spartan SGX Foundations Exam
  2. Passing score on the Spartan SGX workshop exam
  3. Current CPR/AED certification

Have you spent years dedicated to the world of sport, fitness, nutrition, health and wellness? Do you want to become a Spartan SGX certified coach in order to help people get Spartan fit? Our Foundations Exam is designed to allow qualified individuals who do not possess a Track # 1 certification/degree to demonstrate their fitness knowledge to become certified Spartan SGX coaches. Click here to register for the Foundations Exam or read a description of the Spartan Foundations exam in our FAQ.

SGX certification must be renewed each year, and coaches need to submit evidence of 8 continuing education credits (CECs). The renewal fee is $95 per year.

We reserve the right to amend ALL Certification Process requirements, and to request individuals to take additional steps we feel are necessary to demonstrate their subject-matter knowledge.

Why get certified? How about to create a successful fitness business that builds better human beings. We solve THREE PROBLEMS for our Spartan SGX coaches.

THE FIRST PROBLEM: It is hard to attract new clients.
OUR SOLUTION: Spartan SGX will help you stand out.

THE SECOND PROBLEM: It is hard to run a successful fitness business.
OUR SOLUTION: The Spartan community has your back.

THE THIRD PROBLEM: It is hard to bring relentless dedication to work.
OUR SOLUTION: We help you be your best day after day.

Read the detailed Q&A

  • Want a “guest pass” to the private SGX workshop Facebook group? Email us.
  • Rather than listening to us, ask a current coach why you should get certified!

Jeff Godin, PhD, CSCS, SGX
Head of Fitness Education

Department of Exercise and Sports Science, Fitchburg State University Dr. Jeff Godin earned his PhD in Exercise Science/Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut and his MS in Exercise Science/ Human Performance at Bridgewater State University. Jeff is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the International Society for Sports Nutrition. He has worked in the fitness and health field for 24 years, as a fitness director, personal trainer and coach. Jeff is also an Associate Professor at Fitchburg State University in the Department of Exercise and Sports Science. Jeff has competed in and finished over 30 ultra-endurance events, including: Leadville 100, Tahoe 100, VT 100, Grindstone 100 mountain endurance runs; the Spartan Beast; Ironman Lake Placid; the Coeur D’Alene and numerous other marathons. Jeff has instructed 20+ Spartan SGX certification workshops.

Joe DiStefano, BS, CSCS, SGX, PES, CES
Director of Fitness and Training

Joe “Di” (pronounced “D,” “I”) has a BS in Exercise and Sports Science and has completed extensive graduate- and advanced-level study in the areas of Sports Psychology and Holistic Health. He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. Joe has over a decade of coaching, training and fitness industry experience. He has coached over 20,000 individuals on their fitness, nutrition and lifestyle behaviors and also helped numerous other gym owners, celebrities, professional athletes and Fortune 500 companies improve their approach to fitness. Over the past two years, he has instructed over two dozen Spartan SGX certification workshops in the United States and abroad.