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Race and Performance Preparation

For a long time, I thought that I was fit. That is, until I started training with a Spartan SGX coach...Spartan SGX coaching and training has shown me a whole new side of fitness, and most importantly, taught me that fitness is just as mental as it is physical. I am a better athlete, husband, father, and most importantly, a better human because of Spartan SGX.
- Kert Elkins on SGX Coach Brandon Harbaugh

I’m a competitive level triathlete who signed on to Casey’s SGX training for camaraderie. I didn’t expect to see dramatic improvements in my ability. What I got out of it was strength and endurance in areas I didn’t know I was lacking. I also got confidence in areas I knew I was deficient – and lasting friendships. With her training I breezed through my first Spartan Race finishing in the top 8%. I highly recommend the investment in training under her guidance.
- Paul on SGX Coach Casey Eischen

OCR training, especially for a Spartan, is very intimidating, and it’s not easy to take that first step. Thankfully, Kevin has always been a super-supportive coach, right from the very first time you walk into Unleashed. He breaks things down well, gives you multiple techniques to try various obstacles and even modifications if you're not quite there yet. He gives a great lung-burning workout and it is never boring, that's for sure!
- Courtney Crooks on SGX Coach Kevin Roy

Regan's training was instrumental in preparing me for my race. Training focused on building endurance, increasing my strength and improving my balance. Focusing on all three greatly increased my performance come race day. I couldn't have done it without him.
- Lori Fitzgerald on SGX Coach Regan Burns

What I love about [Marc’s] boot camp is that it is physically and mentally challenging without completely wiping me out. I feel like [he is] building up my strength and my athletic abilities step by step. The more I train with [Marc], the harder I can push myself. I also love being outdoors and in a friendly atmosphere.
- Elsa Gagnon on SGX Coach Marc Kremer

Transforming Lives
I would like to thank Todd M. Cambio, SGX and Spartan Race for the motivation to get off the couch and get fit. I am happy to say I have lost 30 lbs in 7 months. I am not done, I will not quit. I Am Spartan. AROO!
- Tiffany Snay on SGX Coach Todd Cambio

Frederic has always been a coach intrinsically focused to build better humans; Spartans of our modern era. His rich background, experience and personality reflect in his work today as a coach. Obstacle racing is a sport with many dimensions like trail running, obstacles and mental toughness. To be good at it we must master all of them and Frederic’s approach as a coach can lead you there. He profoundly helped me walk through this path.
- Hélène Dumais on SGC Coach Frederic Guéveneux

I have gone from being a sedentary obese person to a multi Spartan Race finisher and now SGX coach. Spartan SGX has motivated me to strengthen what I have learned both physically and mentally, change my lifestyle, and be able to recreate these same priceless results in many other lives. Spartan SGX is a talented team of coaches worldwide who have been prepared and certified by none but the best in the business (thanks Joe Di and Dr. J!), giving us the knowledge and opportunity to reach our goal, to change lives and Spartan people up! Aroo!
- Spartan SGX Coach Manuel Perez Martinez

This weekend was extremely informative. Joe Di is an incredible coach with a wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share. This is a major component of the fitness puzzle to make me a more complete athlete and coach. My clients and I will reap the benefits from the knowledge gained this weekend. AROO!
- Tom B.

As a new fitness coach, the chance to learn from some of the best was incredible. Not only did I walk away from the workshop with a wealth of knowledge but I got the chance to meet and network with other fitness professionals who are also striving to help people live healthier and fuller lives. I went into the workshop excited about learning how to use my passion and excitement for obstacle course racing to help motivate and encourage people on their own fitness journeys. I came away even more excited about that as well as equipped with the knowledge and skills to accomplish this goal! Spartan SGX was worth every penny and moment of my investment and I cannot wait to put everything I learned into practice with my clients!
- Nicholas Kipp

I've done many different certifications over the course of my career- from AFAA, NSCA, and others. This was, by far the most comprehensive, helpful and challenging course I've participated in to date! And...I took home more actually useful information that I could apply immediately. Great program!
- Chris Anne

Personally I was interested in the race day nutrition, because I have struggled with issues of dehydration in the past. The information I learned about fueling before, during, and after the race for peak performance will definitely be utilized in the upcoming race season! AROOOO!!!
- Theresa Kohler

I was very impressed with the SGX workshop, the program was easy to follow and the flow of the workshop was perfect! I learned a great deal more than I expected and have a fresh outlook on my own training as well as my clients! I would recommend this work to anyone the fitness field.
- Amy Bradford

SGX has offered me a way to fulfill a need: how to offer a group class that is different and more interesting than most; also the class has a specific goal: to participate in and finish an actual race. The term ‘boot camp’ has become much outdated and cliche...SGX has breathed new life into group exercise.
- SGX Coach Brad Sims

Because of the assistance with the Coach Finder and being able to brand myself as an SGX Coach, I have increased my clientele by 20% in the first few months.
- SGX Coach Chris

Spartan SGX has helped my business because it has branded me as a trainer with a specialized expertise affiliated with the Spartan Race name. I feel that it lends me greater credibility to have the SGX certification and I am proud to be affiliated with the Spartan because I feel the values of the organization closely reflect my own life and training philosophy.
- SGX Coach Kristen Driscoll

[SGX has] given me an entirely different, more motivational and organized training modality.
- SGX Coach Damion

SGX has helped transform Forteza's fitness programming. Our members have become some of Chicago's toughest Spartans.
- SGX Coach Jesse Kulla