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Spartan Coaching is serious about getting people physically active and leading a healthier lifestyle. To meet that end we have developed Spartan Group X (SGX). SGX brings the excitement and adventure of obstacle racing into fitness facilities and boot camps around the world. SGX is a group fitness experience that will catapult your entire perception of fitness, health, and genetic potential into an entirely new realm. SGX, much like its mother Spartan Racing, is about setting new standards and defeating the ill-informed, self-imposed limits we all create for ourselves on a daily basis. SGX isn’t just about exercise, it is about changing people from the inside out, it is about fitness, diet, embracing physical and mental challenges, and a positive can-do attitude. Spartan Coaching is offering SGX workshops and certifications worldwide so that coaches and trainers can help us spread this important message.

If you are a coach or a trainer, sign up for your nearest workshop and get certified. If you are an athlete looking for the best training possible to get you ready for your next obstacle race or to prepare you for life, then find the nearest SGX certified coach and sign up for a class.

Certified Spartan SGX Coaches are true life changers that have passed one of the most demanding fitness certifications in the industry. Visit us again or visit the Spartan website soon to try our new Class and Coach Finder, to find a Spartan SGX class or coach near you.

In the meantime, sign up above for a free 30-day Spartan SGX program, to get started with your training. We'd love to stay in touch.

Upcoming Workshops


7th SGX Refresher Course
8 & 9 Warwick, RI
15 & 16 Chicago, IL


5 & 6 London, England, UK

17 & 18 Austin, TX