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Official Spartan SGX training,
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You are an athlete. This is fact. We are not buttering you up. But are you the fastest, leanest, strongest, most physically and mentally agile you can be?

Spartan SGX is a functional exercise program and ideal training regimen for individuals of all kinds of every ability and age. We build Spartan Racers and better human beings.

In a Spartan SGX class you will:

Bend, crawl, carry, climb, hang, jump, lift, lunge, pull, push, run, sprint, squat and twist... exactly what your body has been designed for over millions of years.

This is what "exercise" is meant to be.

The body weight-focused workouts are varied, novel and typically conducted in a group. Spartan SGX builds complete athletes who can dominate a strength-based workout and run with grace and speed, ready to hurdle over, under or through physical and mental obstacles.

Just Start

If you want to get Spartan fit, just start. Sign up for a race. Sprint, Super or Beast, it is always best to have a goal in mind.

Then, prepare. Use the Spartan SGX Class and Coach Finder to locate an SGX class, box, gym or studio near you. If you have a favorite coach or trainer who is not SGX certified, ask them to get certified. Or better yet, tell them.

Spartan SGX is the fitness program with a plan behind it – a plan designed to improve your physical performance over time. It is not an exercise DVD or video set indefinitely to repeat. It is not random.

SGX is the daily disruption vital for optimal health and wellness, and true fitness.

Try a free class or free public workout offered by one of our coaches.

Finishing a Spartan Race is transformational. It has a different meaning to everyone. What will it mean to you? Your coach is the one who can guide you through the fire to the finish, whether you are just getting off the couch or an elite competitor.

Spartan SGX coaches have completed one of the most demanding certification programs in the industry. They work out practically anywhere: indoors, outdoors; in a garage, a forest, the mountains, a fitness facility, a community center or a high-end hotel or health club. When you train, you may also use dumbbells, kettle bells and sandbags; rowers, treadmills or stairs; "rigs," ropes and walls; or it may just be YOU, the ultimate "machine."

But SGX is not just about exercise. It is about you changing from the inside out. It is about getting fit and embracing physical challenges with mental strength, what we call readiness.

Are You Ready?!

A day-long Spartan SGX fitness and health experience: Spartan Citizen. Add to your list of Spartan accomplishments. Keep an eye out for details; sign up for all the SGX news here.


17 & 18 Austin, TX

21st Spartan Combine


14 & 15 San Francisco, CA
21 & 22 Miami, FL
28 & 3/1 Charlotte, NC


14 & 15 Macedonia, OH
14 & 15 Boston, MA
21 & 22 Denver, CO